Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse - Updated 2018

6 modules


Course Length
45 mins

Brittany McGowan

20 Sep 2018



This curriculum is designed for organizations seeking training for professionals working with children on a regular basis. Utilizing a video-based format, the Recognizing and Reporting curriculum educates child-serving professionals or volunteers on the basic issues of child abuse, how to recognize physical and behavioral signs of the varying forms of child abuse, and how to make a report.

This course includes: 

  • Pre-test
  • Module: Recognizing Child Abuse 
  • Module: Reporting Child Abuse 
  • Post-Test 
  • Training Certificate


This course is divided into two sections and covers the following objectives:

Recognizing Child Abuse 

  • The realities of child abuse detailing the prevalence of abuse in all communities, who perpetrators are, and how they gain access to children through a process called grooming.
  • The legal definitions of child abuse, assuring that those in the community can recognize abusive situations as determined by law.
  • Signs and symptoms of sexual, physical, emotional abuse, neglect and domestic violence, as well as their effects on children.

Reporting Child Abuse 

  • How to communicate with a child who makes a disclosure.
  • The importance of making a report.
  • How to make a report and how to overcome one’s fears/barriers around reporting.
  • Policies within child-serving organizations that need to exist to minimize the potential for abuse.
  • What an advocacy center does and its unique role in the community.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate- Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

Learning Credits

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Be an Advocate
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Recognizing Child Abuse
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Reporting Child Abuse
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Post- Test
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