Child Abuse Training Curriculum

The mission of Dallas Children's Advocacy Center is to improve the lives of abused children in Dallas County and to provide national leadership on child abuse issues.

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DCAC realizes that teachers are on the front lines of child abuse because children make abuse outcries to you AND now they're not in the classroom with you.   Completing this will help you recognize child abuse in a virtual setting.  This course will provide you with strategies and resources to help you navigate through online learning and interactions with children virtually.  You will also receive resources during this course to assist you throughout these times.     Read More

In Dallas County all forensic interviews are stored in and shared from a cloud-based, web-based platform called VidaNyx.    A forensic interview has been conducted at DCAC and needs to be transferred to or shared with you.    What do you do next?  How do you become a user in the system and access the interview?    This training will help you navigate the system and take advantage of the many features it has to offer.  Read More

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