Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse - TEXAS Edition- Updated 2018

6 modules


Course Length
45 mins

Brittany McGowan

15 Nov 2018



This curriculum is designed for Texas organizations seeking training for professionals working with children on a regular basis. Utilizing a video-based format, the Recognizing and Reporting curriculum educates child-serving professionals or volunteers on the basic issues of child abuse, how to recognize physical and behavioral signs of the varying forms of child abuse, and how to make a report.

This course includes: 

  • Pre-test
  • Module: Recognizing Child Abuse 
  • Module: Reporting Child Abuse 
  • Post-Test 
  • Training Certificate


This course is divided into two sections and covers the following objectives:

Recognizing Child Abuse 

  • The realities of child abuse detailing the prevalence of abuse in all communities, who perpetrators are, and how they gain access to children through a process called grooming.
  • The legal definitions of child abuse, assuring that those in the community can recognize abusive situations as determined by law.
  • Signs and symptoms of sexual, physical, emotional abuse, neglect and domestic violence, as well as their effects on children.

Reporting Child Abuse 

  • How to communicate with a child who makes a disclosure.
  • The importance of making a report.
  • How to make a report and how to overcome one’s fears/barriers around reporting.
  • Policies within child-serving organizations that need to exist to minimize the potential for abuse.
  • What an advocacy center does and its unique role in the community.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate- Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

Learning Credits

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Be an Advocate
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Recognizing Child Abuse
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Reporting Child Abuse
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Post- Test
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Added about 1 hour ago, by Anonymous
Very thourough. easy to understand
Added about 4 hours ago, by Socorro
Very informative and engaging. I have taken these courses before from others and learned new information today. Thank you! Also, that we should call the police even if it is false.
Added about 12 hours ago, by Tania
Added about 15 hours ago, by Lisbet
Added about 19 hours ago, by Phillip
Added about 23 hours ago, by laura
great information.
Added 1 day ago, by Blanca
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